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Recent News/Press Release
[ RFCT Corporate history ]
January 2011 Designed quasi-milliwave impulse communication IC.
December 2009 Started development milliwave IC.
March 2008 Started development work of transmitter and receiver IC.
January 2008 Making of Gigabit transmitter and receiver IC achievement.
June 2007 Started development work of Wideband high power amplifier.
May 2007 Started development work of Wideband variable BPF.
December 2005 Technological of Gbit serializer and deserializer development.
October 2005 Supply beginning of wireless IC for microcamera.
February 2005 Made single-chip wireless IC for medical treatment.
January 2003 Started development work of RF CMOS IP for 0.13 μ m process technology.
November 2002 Started development work of RF ICs for Digital TV.
February 2002 Started development work for Delta-Sigma DAC IC.
January 2002 Started development work of RF CMOS IC for mobile phone handset.
September 2001 Started development work of Inductor on Silicon.
August 2001 Launched applied technological development related to RF ICs for 5GHz band wireless communication.
July 2001 Made development agreement with ARTec Co.. for RF CMOS IC technology.
December 2000 Started the development work on Bluetooth RFIC.
October 2000 Started consulting work on Bluetooth technology.
April 2000 Made non-disclosure agreement with IBM Co. for application of SiGe semi-conductor
November 1999 Signed the contract for development of RF ICs for home appliances.
August 1999 Started the development work of RF ICs for 2.4GHz band wireless communication.
Made the consulting agreement with semiconductor manufacturer for RF IC development based on a SiGe process.
June 1999 Started a technical consulting business for major semiconductor and communication equipment manufacturers for the development of propietary RF ICs for mobile phone handset.
February 1999 Received various support from KSP for newly establishment of the corporation.
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