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ホーム ソリューション 企業情報 人材採用 お問い合わせ
・ The nearest station
Mizonokuchi Station (approximately 15 minutes from Shibuya Station of the Tokyu Den-en Toshi Line)
Musashi-Mizonokuchi Station (approximately 20 minutes from Kawasaki Station of the JR Nambu Line)

・ Walk
A 12 minutes walk from Mizonokuchi station or Musashi-Mizonokuchi Station

・ By Bus
A direct shuttle bus service is available from Musashi-Mizonokuchi Station to KSP.
Take the City bus for Dai-san Keihin Iriguchi or the Tokyu bus for Kanigaya and debus at the NEC-mae stop. KSP is a one-minute walk from the bus stop.
A route from KSP to our office.

1. Go straight from the entrance.
and turn to the right before the stair.

2. Go straight. and turn to the left at the corner.
Please go up to the 7th floor when you arrive at the elevator hall in D building.
3. Turn to the left at the corner.
There is our office when you arrived at end of passage.
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